So last weekend I went home and stayed with my parents for a few nights. They live in a different house then I grew up in so it took a little getting used to.

While I was there the guest room is situated right next to my dads room. Have you ever tried sleeping with a jackhammer going off next to your room? That’s what it sounded like with all the snoring my dad was doing.

It was annoying. I have no idea how my mom puts up with it all of the time.

I mentioned it to both of them the next day and he kind of laughed it off, however I could tell my mom could hardly take it.

I mentioned that a friend of mine had used some anti snoring devices to stop there problems. My dad had never even thought about trying it.

Since he is clueless when it comes to the internet, I helped him do some research (we found a site called Snoring Review that helped immensely). He decided on trying out this chin strap that hopefully should work.

I’m going to be visiting again for Thanksgiving and am hoping it will help him out. If not I’ll make sure to bring my ear plugs.

This girl needs her sleep.


I just saw this hoodie at the 1015 Store and I love it.

Yeah, it’s not your typical type of hoodie as it’s not attached to anything, which makes it unique. Plus it’s only $10. I just might have to get it (plus I really like her sweater to match.


By far my favorite season is fall. I love the colors of the trees, the color of clothes, the cold feel in the air. The smells remind me of being a kid and all the fun I had at school.

There is so much beauty to fall everywhere you look.

I know this isn’t much of my first post on my new blog, but it’s been on my mind.

What is your favorite season?